Travel Anxiety & Decision Making

November 21, 2015

Alassio, Italy

I’m currently feeling fear.

Paris attacks have put me in a slight state of anxiety, even more as my date comes closer when I will catch a sleeper train to the city of lights in order to follow my previously booked trip. Seems okay for now, unless something else happens again. Until then…it’s all news and fear everywhere, inevitably.

I don’t want to see, read or hear the news. But somehow they keep coming, of course.

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I’m in Italy after spending two amazing weeks in Greece.

I’m at a lovely hilltop house, warmed up while being covered to the head with cute little blankets. The wind is crazily rushing outside accompanied by a good pour of rain striking against the window shutters. Today is the day when winter arrived, most likely. Snow made a big appearance almost everywhere. And I decided to stay in, cozy, warm and with a desire to write an update on this journal, one that I’ve been delaying for days for one reason or another.

I’ll keep you updated. Travel plans might change or not. Stress levels might increase or not.

Everyone is saying these days that anxiety over travel, terrorist attacks and beyond, shouldn’t really stop us everyone says. I believe it…as long as your gut agrees. If your gut is telling you something else, then you gotta listen first.

On a work-related note: no advances yet.

I’ve been too tired in my mind to focus. I’ve concluded while going for a drive with my friend, on a peaceful moment when looking through the window and into the Italian Mediterranean sea, that I seem to function in three different (end separate) parts: work time, travelling time, and me-time. Whenever I do one of these, I can’t do anything related to the other two. Why? Because it’s not healthy and my entire being just won’t handle it properly. I’ll collapse. Might work for you as well, so there’s an idea. Pick just one.
Travel Work or Me Time

That’s a good advance for me: finding out my ways in which I can function daily, so I can know myself enough in order to focus. Whenever I have flights or places to go to in one day, that’s not going to be a work day or a Mariana-charging day. The same applies for the other two examples. Easy, right? Feel free to grab this idea and make it yours. Might work for you too.

Time to go and wait what happens within days after the Paris attacks while in Italy and wanting desperately as days go by to simple go home and hug my family. It’s been too long and these 3 travel months have been enough for now.

How about you? What’s life telling you lately?



This post is part of a series called “The Entrepreneur’s Journal“. A series about the emotional effects of leaping into a life of uncertainty, fear and faith. A life of entrepreneurship attempts combined with a life of travel. Because this is not an easy path but it’s certainly an intense and exciting one.

If you or someone you know struggle with similar issues, feel free to contact me here for professional medical guidance.


Image Credits: Google Images & Yours Truly.

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