On Philosophy, Blogging & 4 Tools to Get Your Thinking Going

On PhilosophyI’ve been reading a lot on philosophy lately and it’s the first time in ages, if not ever, that I suddenly truly feel among my people, among my tribe – as in I’d rather hang out with all my books where I know I’ll meet up with Socrates, Plato, Nietzsche, Siddhartha Gautama and Miguel de Unamuno than having to attend social commitments I’d rather skip from time to time.

Sophie’s World is probably the best and loveliest introduction to Philosophy for anyone. A book to go through over and over again. One to revise back and forth and to keep on your night table.

Same as The Philosophy Book, my most recent acquisition and the one making me daydream at good speed about my writing process in this 2018. Finally getting around my books, getting organised and into actual writing, yes!

I’m still in Costa Rica, where I planned to come for a few months to visit family and ended up staying for a longer season. After 13 months, I can see all the inner purposes this longer visit would have me touch and learn, all wrapped by family love, support and even new arrivals throughout this time together.

All this has made me think deeper, analyse life further away from our reality and reassessing the patterns and mindsets living in my mind since I can remember.

Is there a good time to rethink or even change the patterns in your mind about social performance and beyond?

I don’t think so. It’s certainly quite a tricky road but it’s life after all. Sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re down…yet it shouldn’t be truly up or down but only a matter of your own perspective in your own path. We say up or down when we compare our journey with those ones around us.

So why the need to compare?
The need of acceptance?
Of fitting in and not missing out?
Maybe a small hint of self-love or confidence lack?

There’s a lot to think and analyse about our own selves. That’s what the journey is about after all. A life of happiness, meaning a life where we feel fulfilled, calm, at peace with our own decisions, with our own steps and whatever else happenings come our way. A life where we make no judgments on ourselves or others, just simple acceptance of who we are and truly loving that person inside our skin. Accepting of others as well, whether they’ve done us good or not, just making sure we protect our vibe or energy so that no harm can stick around after it happens.

A life of happiness, I want to think, is a life where we can enjoy the things we envision for ourselves, while in company of beloved ones who nurture us and share the growth and love with each other. A life where we’re able to stand up for what we want. A life where no harm is done, where the best intentions are our inner guidance, where we can stand strong when adversity shows up and also humble when the easiness is at our own favour.

I’ve been reading into these things while I deal with my own past in ways I haven’t dealt with before. So enriching when you embrace it all. By this I mean simply speaking your deepest and most real truth. The one that we can recognise easily, the one that is our only purpose,  fuel, values and convictions.

It’s a powerful thing and one that takes time, but more than that, what it really takes is inner strength to see acceptance and letting the fear go so that your truth can come out…and it will at light speed!

I began this blog 8 years ago as a travel blog, where my sense of wonder was my guide, my dream and my fullest desire. After 8 years of living abroad, travelling around, sharing experiences and cultures, I can only see one twist for this, my writing canvas.

It’s time to do philosophy.
To think out loud.
To think together.
To help a better thinking come through for everyone.

Which reminds me of two last suggestions before I’m done with today’s musings:

  1. I’m hooked to Merli, a catalan TV serie (3 seasons in total) already completed on Netlfix. A messed-up guy who’s only and real purpose is to teach. To teach philosophy. If you haven’t heard of it, then please go check it out STAT.
  2. An amazing coincidence came to my attention: a blog called The Mindless Philosopher – which is owned and written by the one and ONLY Trent Reznor (NIN). A musician I deeply love and admire. And now this! Incredible and enjoyable finding. Can’t help daydreaming suddenly of having philosophy chats over coffee over and over again in different parts of the world. Please and thank you! Never know.

I’m officially making this post my new revival of TravelThirst, a blog about travel, mind and life itself.

It’s only time to get thinking for a better living!

Have a kickass February 2018,

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