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I am Mariana Calleja.

A writer doctor who travels. 

Founder of this site (thanks for visiting!), and also this other medical consultancy site.

Travel, writing and medicine are my favourite things in life. The ones allowing me to develop new perspectives, products and services after a decade of experience both on medicine and travel.


 Let’s Work Together

As it’s clear, I’m both a doctor and a travel/health writer. If any of these sounds interesting to you, please contact me. I’m open to professional win-win relationships, whether it’s content creation, professional consultation or others.

Feel free to inspire me with your ideas and suggestions too on how we could create something awesome.

Avoid any cheap free-content or link exchange proposals. These will be automatically ignored for obvious reasons.

This is professional writing work, both on travel and medical issues. So professional rates is what you will find on a request. If you’re professional as well, you will understand this statement.

Thank you!

For further information and rates, please contact me here.


Mariana Calleja


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