I’m Done With This Thing

I love being a writer.

And I only intend to become a better one within time.

But the senses as for writing this site have been making me feel bored lately. I love them, and as a doctor myself, I love the magical and mysterious scientific way in which they work.

But the truth is they are everywhere now, in such a commercial way. On tourism that is.

I lost interest.

I haven’t been writing on this site as much as I wanted in the last few months. But dammit, I miss writing in the way I did here. In the way I do at home while enjoying afternoons alone, or at the park, with just my notepad and a pen in hand, disconnected from everything and connected entirely to myself. That’s me. I love it and I need it.

I was once so keen and excited about this five-senses perspective of travel writing. About offering destinations a nice, fresh and unique view with detailed and wonderful writing to give even more value when I thought there was a lot more than just the usual. And it was wonderful while it lasted.

Social numbers have become nonsense along with it. Campaigns are good, great marketing is out there…but bad marketing is out there too. And I got tired, which made me want to rethink this blog.

At some point I even thought that maybe travel writing was not my thing.

But hell no!

It *IS* my thing and there’s so much more I can do, explore, research and share through it. Valuable good stuff.

So I decided to change my writing destination.

There’s plenty of senses out there and people are now aware, which is awesome. Go live! Sense and enjoy life from its very bottom. It’s marvellous indeed.

As for me, I’ll just grab my pen again and do what I’m fondest about: simply writing, from the heart and from my deepest sense of freedom, thoughtfulness and heartfeltness. That’s my voice and that’s who I am. Yes, we all need to find our writer’s voice of course, and it will continue to evolve. It’s a wonderful path, truth to be told.

I will not write about to-do-lists on places I visit.

I will not write about what to eat or drink here or there. I will write stories, practice on my writing, become better at it within time, while building a business as a healthcare person, while travelling the world after leaving my job by September 2015, and taking a unique leap at age 33. Because I chose to live this life and I’ve never been so fulfilled as I am now.

My beloved TravelThirst, which is my first baby (2009), will now be my empty canvas for freedom, creativity and sensitivity. I’ll speak from the bottom of my imagination and I’ll keep mastering the wordsmith art just because I want to, because that’s what I love doing the most, along with travelling, and because I can do it at this point of my life. Because I took the right decisions which lead me to this point today.

If you’ve loved my previous approach, I have to say a massive THANK YOU for reading me so far.

Maybe you’ll be curious about what’s coming next. I haven’t been writing here in a while, which is also one thing making me take this decision. And I’m completely satisfied about it.

You are welcome to join me and to stay in touch. Your reading will always be meaningful. And hopefully you’ll enjoy my soon-to-be-continued path on meaningful stories about travel and life itself.

Huge thanks again for your loyalty and your attention.

Lots of love, Mariana.

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