Entrepreneur’s Journal: Wrap Up to Begin With

 October 28, 2015

London, UK

After emotional struggles during the first two months on the road, while trying to understand how this works for me, and after not finding other’s experiences around the web, I decided to create this writing experiment called the Entrepreneur’s Journal. Because I’ve just begun a gap year and it’s not just about travel. Because as helpful as it is for me to write all about it, it might be a good read as well for others going through similar things. I’ll share a weekly update with everything both on personal and business-related issues, such as finances, getting organised and not loosing it, keeping up with health, and interviews with like-minded people who have taken the same leap.  Things are moving in an unexpected and nice direction for me towards a newborn business. Who would’ve thought! And I’m totally up for exploring all the feelings, paths and whatever this journey will bring. So you are welcome to join me.


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I arrived in London yesterday morning over a slightly bumpy flight and into a blue day. Ironically, the opposite from Madrid where we even had a 30 minute delay due to bad weather. Gaagh, climate change…what’ve we done.

I’ve shared the first entry of this journal, which is just a rough summary of what and why I’m doing this year of travel. However, I still feel the need to wrap up everything that came before this time on the road. I need to share the past so you can understand the present. So let me do my best here without sounding repetitive.

Past: Why am I doing this?

Quick summary (hmmm, where to start?):

Two years ago (October 2013) I had to make and announce the most difficult decision of my life. This changed everything. However, it made me stronger and clearer than ever on what I want from life. And subsequently, it made me my happiest version ever. I decided to stay still – no travels for me – for a few months in order to have lots of me-time. I needed it. Yay! It went super well, fortunately.

One year ago (October 2014) I had my first trip in almost a year! Where to? Asia. On my own. For the first time. -“Are you insane?”, -” Are you sure about this?”, many people asked. “YES, Raaaaar!”, I replied every time. It went more than well, fortunately too.

After returning from Asia, I kept on working at my usual day job (doctor at a nursery home in Barcelona for the last five years). However, something grew inside me. I felt like it was time to leave the place I now called home. The one I chose as an adult.  And then I just knew.

Think think think. Dream crazily, to the impossible line.

Write it all down.

Plan, plan plan. Scary! Keep planning.

December 2014 came with another felt decision about the future. It was just on paper but the idea and plan were damn clear: 8 months of planning, working and saving money for a year of travel that would begin in September 2015.

Planning an impossible dream written down on paper felt SO real…holy crap it did!

It felt powerful too.

It was now something I’d see on my wall every day, making every cell in me feel things on daily basis. Leave my flat? Rent a room for 4-6 months? No travels for 10 months? Again?! Leave my job or ask for a year-permit? Would they even allow it? (They did!) Oh well, the dream is bigger than anything else so bring it on! And so I did. Three flats in 6 months, talking to my boss, and finally doing storage and bureaucratic arrangements. Ready to go!

Present: What happens now?

I’ve been on the road for two months now, moving between Spain, England, Northern Ireland and Greece, up to this day. (Hello from Crete!)

I’ve been writing daily on my journal (paper one) and it’s been helpful and awesome as always. I will catch up in here so I can bring the juicy stuff for you, since I decided to start this online journal just 2 weeks ago after unwrapping my head a bit after these wonderfully dazzling travel weeks.

Can’t deny I’ve had a hard time the first 6 weeks, particularly on the emotional side of things. But the idea of constant-travel seems to be sinking in. Of course there will be so much more to this and all other sides of long-term travel. Which is what this Entrepreneur’s Journal will be for, in case you’re wondering on venturing through the same path yourself. I plan on talking about the emotional side effects, how to cope but also on finances, keeping up with health, routines, and more.

Future: What are the next goals?

For now, travel plans include:

  • Greece and Italy in November 2015.
  • Costa Rica from December 2015 to mid-February 2016.
  • Morocco is in my mind after that. We’ll see.

Clearly running away from the cold winter and focusing on the Mediterranean as I want to write a book on this widely-known healthy lifestyle and food, but also on the shockingly wonderful mix of cultures.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 18.57.58
Chania, Crete – Greece | November 2015

As for myself and projects? Working hard on two things: myself and an online business.

  • I want to become healthier, regarding exercise particularly. I have never been a sports person and my body is starting to warn me. I’d rather listen now. Plus I really feel the desire and impulse. Which is why I decided to make a plan A) swimming anywhere where I can find some water to jump in, and a plan B) doing a morning walk every day. These are decided to be my exercise routines throughout this year of long-term travel. I’ll be sharing links and awesome photos from my morning walks, both on Twitter and my travel health website, so if you’re into it, please come along and join me!
  • I want to build an online business that is both useful and of good quality for users. That is an online medical service for travellers. You can check it out here.
  • I want to write a serialised ebook collection about travel and health. The first ebook (World Travel Vaccination Guide) will be on sale soon. Just trying to set up the sales page now – yay!(But OMG such work, building sales pages that is…had NO idea!)
  • I want to keep writing – with a twist – here on my forever blog. Which is why I changed the look and concept, still involving travel but evolving around life as a thinker and a questioner. I suddenly feel like 4 years old again…so many questions popping around my head! And I want to write it all down, because I believe many things go unspoken which is a *massive* mistake from us all! So that’s my mission regarding this TravelThirst site. Maybe I’m being quite romantic here but it’s okay, because it’s my free-canvas blog, where I can just come and pour my brain down freely. Hopefully, more and more people will become curious with me and join the ride!

So this is it for now. Past, present and future of my current life so you can follow along in case you:

  • Are thinking of travelling long-term and/or building an online business.
  • Are frozen in fear of leaving your job or thinking about the *real* possibilities you have.
  • Are struggling on logistics and money or trying to make your beloved ones understand, then this is a good place to start.

I’m just writing on personal experience, which is recent despite planning this huge move during the last year. I’ll be updating live, as I go. Fun stories, fucked-up stories and more will certainly come for me, so I’m betting this will be a fun journal to write and share!

Hello from Greece and until next update soon!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 18.57.02
Run-away-from-winter mission successfully accomplished so far!


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