This is where every topic that’s considered taboo – too uncomfortable to address – and other essential conversations that must happen in every person’s life will happen for the sake of  better living.

The only way we can lead a healthy, calm, happy and balanced life is when we become one with our own inner monsters; when we become natural at dealing with them as they come, whether ours’ or others’.

For this reason, I’ve created Braingasms: a FB page and private group where like-minded people like you are gathering up to read, share, comment, be curious and even open up about those things that hunt our thoughts and minds. Those things we know that aren’t working properly as it ideally should in this society we live in, yet we must cope with it. That or be left out of a worldwide system somehow.

This group is not for people who are adrift but for people who are thinkers, deep observers of life and reality, people who know that there’s a further and better meaning to this all.

Like philosophy itself, we know that life can’t be just this gigantic machine we’re taught to live in. And in the process of building a life that feels good, that’s where we gather up to share and talk about life, the mind, the world and so much more. To feel like contributing in our own way within our circle of people.

Braingasms – as the name explains itself – is the place where we talk about what really matters, breaking taboos, fears and judgements for better living, allowing the brain to run free as it opens up into discovering better truths for better living.

You Are Welcome to Join Us!

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