A Little Bit More About Me

I’m the writer in this place. (Not the cave, silly!)

mariana calleja

I’m also a doctor in this other place. Where I help people who are building their own business to stay sane & healthy on the way through and up. Trust me, I know…mariana calleja MD

I come from a tiny, warm, happy country (like me!) in Central America: Costa Rica.

Mariana Calleja Costa Rica

But also from Barcelona, where I moved to in January 2010, becoming the place where my heart lives  and where my wings grow.

Mariana Calleja Barcelona

In September 2015, I decided to go for a long long trip.

Long term travel

I’ve been building a little online empire in the meantime. A health & wellness empire.

mariana calleja MD

The future is looking exciting after I took this leap. (OMG, seriously, this leap! – September 2015 | Costa Brava, Spain)

Mariana Calleja Skydive

I plan to write exhaustingly as I continue to grow my online medical business.

And after all these years, I’ve decided to give this travel blog a little twist…

…more about the brainy stuff I’ve learned on the road and in life, you know: emotions, relationships, humankind, interactions. All of that fascinating stuff that people aren’t talking enough about.

I’m convinced it’s truly important to tackle anything TABOO. Even more as I see so many diverse cultures worldwide teaching me how we’re all the same deep down.

I want to talk more about what really matters, which to me is this: what people fear to talk. No matter our culture, beliefs, location or traditions.

By combining travel, writing, and my medical geekiness, I aim to come up with some thought-provoking tools to help the world dive into a better, healthier, lighter life in body and mind.

Life is messy and the brain is too! So there’s no time to loose as we explore. Let’s go!

life is messy

Please, feel free to email me at contact@marianacalleja.com

I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line anytime. ;)