Beginner’s Experience: UK & Rep. of Ireland

Well, I am back from a great trip, one of the most meaningful trips I`ve probably ever had. This time was UK and Republic of Ireland`s turn, and we made it all the way through! From a few sites of England, to Scotland up north, way west to Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland as well, even though this last one isn`t part of the UK. It all was the most amazing experience I`ve tried while traveling. So vast, so complete, so tasteful and so filled up with all kind of knowledge, stories, meeting people, anecdotes, views, feelings and many more I can`t even get to an end or a start of it all. So, what better way of passing on all of this than writing my feelings from the very bottom of my imagination and my senses, to get you all very deep into this recent experience. Now that you are reading, you are already into it, so keep going and immerse with me on the journey all over again!

First destination of arrival was London of course. BIG sigh on this city, so many things of all types to mention on my londoner experience, little by little. I had a particular twice London experience, so it`s funny how I can speak differently about both. Or maybe is not a funny thing, just a natural thing. My first period and first experience around London ever resulted a bit confusing in the very beginning. Why? Well, a really big city like this deserves a little knowledge to get to know each other. Is not easy to have an initial contact with a place that appears so impressive, so majestic, so huge, so cosmopolitan, so energetic, with such a fast pace when you are not used to it. All of this might be overwhelming at first. But then, you just take a few time to introduce yourself, to talk a little bit with the city, to get in confidence, to know each other. So then, you`ll be quite good friends who just met. Learning new stuff every single day and hoping it can last for a many-years friendship to get to know well enough, for this time and for next times to come. So London was quite a particular place for me, besides all the amazing usual things it has to offer, there are infinite more unusual options to discover around. Amazing place on Earth indeed! Probably as wild as any jungle or desert in the world.

Afterwards, we made our way to Edinburgh…oh sweet lovely Edinburgh! Is a city that makes you fall in love at first sight. I know it has happened to plenty of people. Why? Couldn`t tell. But this place, not to say the entire country, made me feel something special about it, nothing like I have ever felt before on any other place I`ve been. Seriously. Scotland entirely has a magical mystery very deep inside itself. Their culture, their history, their traditions, their landscapes…they have it all and it`s all perfect! At least it was to me. I have some personal reasons as well to suddenly love this place. I never thought of it before, but well now I did. I have a bit of scottish blood running inside me. One particular ancestor of mine called James Ross (4 generations back), came from this place, traveling all the way through the Atlantic Ocean until a small piece of land: Costa Rica. So, when I immediately realized that while being in very Scottish lands, I couldn`t help it…excited me to the top! Even more after traveling it and loving it all. Scotland has a beautiful tea culture, which I practice since I can remember in my house. It has the most amazing breathtaking (even if it sounds cliche) landscapes I have ever seen. There are no pictures that can really show the actual scenery out there. They also have a beautiful accent and way of talking and treating people, so kind, so nice, so warm anytime anywhere! They also have a very strong culture, with rich traditions: food, whisky, Clans, kilts, storytelling, fairy tales, music, dance. You simply get immersed and fascinated immediately. So much to learn and to feel! They also have such a historic past to tell, which makes a very proud scottish community. Is almost contagious the way scotsmen express themselves about their country. Really admirable.  So YES, Scotland is now my favorite country in the world. Seems like the perfect place for me after all. Maybe one day I`ll get to sense a real long-stay experience there. I am very positive about it now!

Next destinations: Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. I must mention these two destinations in one paragraph, not because they are the same. Of course they`re not. But they have so much in common, that they need to be explained together, the way it used to be at first back then. Even important to mention the crazy weather up there! Forecasts will never be right or wrong. You just get prepared for anything without question!

Northern Ireland is an amazing spot, quite interesting and different from what I knew or thought about it. When you arrive to a place like this, you understand you knew nothing about it really. So what you get to learn and understand is priceless. While moving around, I could get the feeling of a division, a separation. There are still scars on the place clearly, however the people…oh, friendly kind people! There is a great story behing Northern Ireland, that hurt many people back then, many monuments that commemorates different events in their history. Even they got actual walls dividing a city, still today. Amazingly true. And yet, you can get to admire and understand their claim displays along the streets, the murals, the right to express a feeling, their believes and what has been done wrong. This is a country of faith, of straight believes on themselves. And they keep feeling this deeply, learning from it every single day. Not to forget and mention their impressive landscape as well, their natural wonders and talent all over the place. Getting a ride along the causeway can make entirely your day, just sit back and relax. Get your mind fly freely into the deep sea and enjoy all about this incredible place: Northern Ireland.

Then it is time for Republic of Ireland. Probably not very different from Northern Ireland when it comes to landscapes and weather of course, since they are the same land. However, they have also an admirable strong country, religiously and politically speaking as well, with many other circumstances making their own history. With no divisions or claim displays on the streets, still this country has also so much to offer: incredible big culture, and maybe the happiest people due to music tradition. Right now is well known that Rep. of Ireland is going through economic crisis…tough times. This is something that you might regret, since you notice a bit of it while driving along, many abandoned big beautiful houses, which where never finished in the first place. Traveling is always nice and it all seems perfect. However it just takes a few curiosity to take a quick look inside and notice several marks when a situation is going on. In my opinion, I believe this makes us aware and sensitive of a place and people. It makes the experience bigger, not because of pity, don`t get me wrong. Instead, it makes it better because you get to understand and share real experiences with real people. That is how you get to know the world itself right? Republic of Ireland, despite of this economic crisis, is quite a model. You will see irish people still living life, having fun, not getting as depressed as many people might actually be. Hard times are there for everyone but pubs are still the best places to be, a happy place to get together and have a good time, to REALLY get together and remind everyone of the culture they own, the believes they have.

People in this entire island, no separation of north and south are all of them as proud as the Scottish people. They all even get along so well that is a life lesson to the entire world out there! Why not? Beautiful way of thinking and living up here and even nicer when you can sense that as a tourist or traveler. Both very strong, vibrant and with a nostalgic touch at the same time. Definitely these are quite model countries for many reasons in my opinion.

So, after making a small summary of this recent trip, I hope I could get you into my mood and get you into details that will delight you entirely. Welcome to enjoy this sip of my UK and Republic of Ireland view! Keep following for the next articles on this passionate travel theme.

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